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Year-end Summary | Looking back at my 2021


Unconsciously, 2021 is coming to an end. Following my classic tradition (you didn't write last year, hey (oh, I wrote it last year but forgot to send it)), I am writing a year-end summary. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future.

I have to say that the world outside this year has been full of changes, from various artists being exposed to scandals, Weibo being fined, and fan communities being regulated, to regulations on underage gaming and parents scolding Mao Xingyu even after his death. It makes me feel like:

This world is too crazy, even mice are serving as bridesmaids to cats.

​ ——————————Xiao Ke'er, "Reform Spring Breeze Fills the Earth"

But no matter what, this magical 2021 has passed, so let's summarize what I have experienced this year.

College Entrance Examination and College Application#

The college entrance examination is undoubtedly one of the major events of this year or even in life, after all, it is a crucial turning point that determines the next story.

However, although that's the case, the scores I achieved at that time were not that good, they were just average.

College Entrance Examination Scores

When applying for colleges, my mom and I discussed for several days before coming up with a list of choices that covered all regions of the country. In the end, I was surprised to be admitted to the YSU School of Mechanical Engineering. I actually got into a school with an A-level discipline evaluation, which is quite lucky in a way.

The First Semester at YSU#

In my first semester at YSU, I joined the Web Technology Department of the College Science Association, and later I joined the Electronics and Control Group. In the meetings of the Web Technology Department and the Electronics and Control Group, I learned a lot of interesting things (PS, PR, AE, website, WeChat official account, SW, C language, etc.), which broadened my knowledge, which is great.

In terms of college courses, I wasn't very responsible in the first semester and got a bunch of C's, and even got two F'salse. It made me fully realize the importance of academic performance in college. I have to review the two F's during winter vacation, which also reminds me that I can't slack off so much next semester😂

In addition to these, in December, a friend invited me to join the catapult making project. Everyone worked very hard, and although there were many setbacks during the production process, even screws fell off during the competition and my friend got injured, we worked together and finally won the third prize. It's a joyous occasion.

The Catapult at that time

About Games#

Speaking of games, at the beginning of this year, I got hooked on Genshin Impact and couldn't stop playing. Then when I got bored of playing Genshin Impact, I started playing Honkai Impact 3rd. I have to say that miHoYo's games are really good. Even when I'm writing this article, I'm playing and writing at the same time

In addition to miHoYo's games, I also got into rhythm games, which is a niche game genre, and experienced some interesting rhythm games (Muse Dash, Arcaea, Phigros, osu!, etc.). I have to say that playing rhythm games is really satisfying🌚

About Music#

Note: Only using Netease Cloud Music for data statistics, but the actual results are still reliable.

Song of the Year: "Shuang Yan (R7CKY Remix)"

Artist of the Year: TSAR (59 times)

Genre of the Year: Electronic (62%) (Thanks to Pi Gu Rou)

Keyword of the Year: Wish (35 times)

Brief Report

To be honest, I agree with "Wish" being the keyword. Sometimes, after seeing too much darkness, I unconsciously want to pursue something beautiful. For example, the lyrics in "Moon Halo":

"May all the beauty be blessed"

Because of this, I am willing to listen to those touching songs over and over again without getting tired.

About Videos#

Note: Only statistics from Bilibili~~(Isn't this obvious~~

I only extracted some results, and some results were contaminated by classmates and couldn't be included in the report.

Spent 312 days with Bilibili (I'm an old lurker)

Top Categories: Genshin Impact, League of Legends (only S11), Comedy, Games

Most Watched Videos: Genshin Impact Story Commentary (lol), Time Agent Episode 7 Aunt Mei (Note: This episode is both funny and touching, so I couldn't help but watch it multiple times)

Most Followed UP: CCTV News (??)

Outlook for Next Year#

Ah, I want to focus on my studies first, and then, without affecting the main tasks, I want to explore new things. I hope in the new year, I can be more stable, maintain a good GPA, have a more outgoing personality, well, that's it.

Lastly, I wish you all a Happy New Year, see you next year.

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