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Year-end Summary | Chaotic 2023


I didn't expect to start my year-end summary at the beginning of the month (but I finished it on the last day of the month).

How should I summarize this year? After thinking about it, I came up with a word: chaos. My family doesn't understand. When I was browsing Bilibili, I couldn't help but exclaim "Aminos" when I saw Japan's nuclear wastewater. Then, when I scrolled down, I saw the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and I just wanted to ask about the situation. If I were to comment on it, I really like a phrase from netizens: "Huh? In terms of the overall direction, the turbulent period of great changes in the century is still accelerating and evolving. We can't say for sure what the future will be like. As a successful 20-something old salted fish, I can't help but think about how to complain about myself in 2023. As a party involved, I can't help but feel a bit of a headache.


Now is not the time to complain, after all, the subjects I retook in the previous semesters were all taken in the beginning of January. But looking back, I failed fewer subjects this year compared to before (maybe having a roommate in the dormitory improved my cramming effect, or maybe there were fewer classes), but not having regular grades in the first half of the year made it difficult to cope. I didn't pass a single course, it's really tough. Anyway, the goal of starting from scratch in my third year is right in front of me. In order to have a better fourth year, I can only work harder (.


In terms of organization, it's mainly the Science and Technology Association. The work is still okay. In the first half of the year, I went from being a participant in the catapult competition in my freshman year to being a judge. But when it was actually held, none of the ministers could come because they were busy, so I (and another minister I brought in) became the ones who had to take care of everything behind the scenes. In the second half of the year, I found a successor and added some computer knowledge to the lectures besides the website (by the way, how do students in the Z generation learn information technology in primary, middle, and high school...). After the Science and Technology Association website was hacked, I didn't have much energy to rebuild it. The teacher in charge of affairs was replaced again, and now the website is basically nonexistent, which is a pity.

Miscellaneous Thoughts on Campus#

The most outrageous thing I felt on campus this year was the mechanical principles course design. We were grouped by student ID, and one of the four team members didn't do anything, not even the Word and PPT. His contribution might have been just mentioning a formula in the group chat. It was really unbearable. In the end, with the help of my roommate, I managed to finish this project in a stumbling manner. Of course, apart from this, the other group projects where we could choose our own team members were fine. It's still possible to get high scores with a few roommates.

But I really don't know how to complain about individual projects, such as the recent mechanical design course project, which I did very slowly. I realized how bad I was (.

About Games#

The types of games I mainly played this year were similar to last year. I played Iron every day, occasionally played Honkai Impact 3rd, and played rhythm games irregularly.

In last year's year-end summary, I hoped to witness the HE of Honkai Impact 3rd, but when they released "Da Capo" and the graduation trip, I felt reluctant to let go of the story that had been talked about for years. Of course, the experiences of Himeko and Fu Hua in the 1.5 update were also very interesting: White Himeko became a fairy in the White World, Black Himeko became independent, and the two of them held hands and returned to their original world; Fu Hua found Greer and took the opportunity to resolve the plot that spanned 1.5, and the ending was very sweet (big spoiler). Of course, the story of the second part on Mars next year is also worth looking forward to. Based on the information provided in the interludes so far, the story of the Mars Twelve Palaces is very long, and I don't know how many years this story can be told.

Then there's Genshin Impact. Since the game was released, I've been playing it diligently. I have to say it's really amazing: it's so full of memes that you might suspect they made a game out of memes; there's a guaranteed 10-pull every version; they sponsor domestic teams for competitions and give out Xingqiu according to rankings; and even in the 1.6 preview, they announced that they would give away a limited 5-star character for free. The game is full of benefits, which makes me unfamiliar with another two-word game. What's great is that I can do other things while automatically battling in dungeons. This may be a treatment that turn-based games don't have. As a side game, it's really excellent.

As for rhythm games, after getting a new keyboard, I delved into osu!mania 4k. I achieved a score of 1231pp throughout the year, but unfortunately, I can't handle 1dan. I'll strive for it next year. As for Phigros, my rating only increased to 13.42 this year, not much change. And then, Rotanto was released in the Chinese server. In a fit of excitement, I reached a rating of 13.0 in just over twenty days (maybe I adapted quickly because I played with my thumbs). As for next year, I'll just go with the flow (.

Rotating Rhythm 13.0

As for small games on Steam, I want to mention "What the Golf" from 2021. It's really fun to play, although sometimes it can be challenging to get a crown, but overall it's a very enjoyable game. Apart from that, I also played a batch of puzzle games, but I won't go into detail here.

Steam Year in Review

About Music#

Yes, it's still Netease Cloud Music (.

Song of the Year: "Retribution" (58 times, listened to it as a battle song during exams).

Artist of the Year: PIKASONIC (listened to it on repeat, it's great!).

Genre of the Year: Future Bass (I knew it).

Keyword of the Year: Future (101 times, I forgot what I wanted to say).

Netease Cloud Music Report

About Videos#

What should I say? I watch Bilibili, isn't it a daily routine to be there every day of the year?

DNA of the Year: Honkai Impact 3rd, miHoYo, rhythm games, e-sports, live broadcasts of competitions (sigh).

Most watched video: Linus's Chinese New Year Special (as expected).

Most concerned about UP: Chuan Guan News (?).

In addition, in my own annual recommendations, I chose three of my favorite ones: Lks, Xiao Q is not a guide dog, and Warma. One is about various industries, one is about international law (toilet paper area), and one is about finding happiness. This is the Ganges River (I'm sure).

About Me & Future Outlook#

After talking about what I did this year and how various platforms see me, I added a section about self-analysis this year to see what changes have occurred.

The biggest change I felt this year was that I became a "fun person," and even one of my catchphrases became "a fun person can find joy in anything." It's a bit off-topic, but for now, I think the most tangible change is that my mentality has improved. I dare to make fun of others and, of course, I don't miss the opportunity to make fun of myself. I can now accept and respond to the fact that I have become a fun person instead of just feeling frustrated.

Although my mentality has improved, I still have to admit that next year will be the most stressful year. It's a critical period between the second semester of my third year and the first semester of my fourth year. Finding my own path is still a topic that I have to face. As the keyword "future" in the Netease Cloud Music report suggests, the future has arrived, and I have to decide where I will go. What kind of answer should I give? It's hard to say. To some extent, it also fits the "chaos" mentioned in the title. But no matter what, I need to explore and find my own answers in the coming year.

A chaotic world, a chaotic me, and a chaotic 2023. Anyway, thank you for reading this chaotic summary of my thoughts. Happy New Year.

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